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Ugly Duck Sour Beer Project

In 2016 we started our barrel program by filling the first 16 wine barrels with a golden sour. Now we have more than 80 wine barrels, three 500 litre sherry barrels and a variety of whisky, tequila and port barrels mainly filled with mix fermented beers aging and maturing.

It began with a deep wish to create our own range of barrelaged sours followed by an inspirational and educational trip to central California to gain more knowledge about the process of producing these type of beers.

We are proud and excited to finally release the first batches of bottles. We have done our homework to make sure that these beers are in line with our expectations of a high quality and flavourful sour beer. 

Sour beer Cerasus
Sour beer prima nocte
Sour-mea culpa_web.png
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